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Athlon Talos Spotting Scope

The Athlon Talos spotting Scope is an exceptional way for enthusiasts wanting to buy a new Scope or an old one, it features 20-60 mm green spotting Scope with 20-60 mm lens and 1. 4 million counting lens, it is manufactured from high-quality materials and is sure to provide you with the best possible target information.

Athlon Optics Talos Spotting Scope 20 60x 80mm

The Athlon optics Talos spotting Scope is an outstanding substitute for lovers who itch to shoot their rifle hunting or bird watching, it offers an 20-60 magnification range and grants an automatic focus system. It presents a black anodized aluminum body with a white anodized aluminum motor, it imparts a single lens group and gives two lens capes. The Talos is superb for a person hunting to shoot rifle hunting or bird watching, the Athlon Talos spotting Scope is a high-quality, all-in-one Scope that offers an 20-60 mm tan spotting Scope service. With this scope, you can take on most shooting games with your full ground and scope, this Scope is fabricated from high-performance materials and comes with an 3-year warranty. The Athlon Talos is a top-grade surrogate for shoppers wanting for a high-quality, all-in-onescope for shooting sports, with an 20-60 mm image angle, this Scope can serve as a peerless general-purpose tool for period, military, or other shooting needs. All-in-one Scope that is sterling for spotting during live fire ops or other visual surveillance, with a straight black-colored grey-fiber lens and a travel-able objective ratio of 80%, this Scope is excellent for an individual hunting to take advantage of the latest advances in spotting during live fire. The Talos is equipped with an incredible 60 mm of pure white space behind the objective with resolution of 000 th of a meter, with an indicted pressure of 100 kg, the Talos is terrific for spotting during live fire. With its slim design and lightweight design, the Talos is top-notch for someone wanting to fly-out spotting during live fire.