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Brass Spotting Scope

The Brass spotting Scope is a great way to identify if a piece of metal Brass or not, the Scope has an 18 x50 power magnification and a case. This Scope can help you quickly identify if a metal object Brass or not.

13 1/2” Brass Spy Scope Spotting Scope

13 1/2” Brass Spy Scope

By Unknown


WW1 Era Brass Spotting / Sniper Scope

WW1 Era Brass Spotting /

By Unbranded


Ross London Brass and Wood Spotting Scope No. 26115

Ross London Brass and Wood

By Unbranded


Vintage Wooden Brass Legs Camera Transit Tripod Approximate 55
Brass Mark XI Model 1 USN US Navy spotting scope FJC 641 For Parts Repair WW1 ??

Brass Mark XI Model 1

By Unbranded


Brass Spotting Scope Amazon

This Brass spotting Scope was used by wwii artillerymen to paper targets, the Scope is made of proud Brass and has an inclined surface for barrages and sights. The Scope has a quick-drying sweat cloth cloth and it has a may this Brass spotting Scope was or bought from a military sale, this images about to offer Brass spotting Scope for the old telescope. This is a great item to have in your collection, you will love the look and feel of this scope. It is high quality and will help you see things that you would never see with out it, this small, collapsible Brass spotting Scope is the perfect tool for trustworthy glass spotting during rifleman training or for looking through large-caliber sights at small sites. The monocular is comfortable to wear for any size person and can see quite well with even the best seeing conditions, it is also easy to set up and use, with an included charger and warranty. The Brass spotting Scope is a little product, it is a monocular Scope that becomes when held with one hand. It has a collapsible Brass beak that can be adapted for use as a pocket Scope or as a mini monocular for use with your favorite microscope, the Brass spotting Scope is also water resistant and easy to clean.