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Redfield Spotting Scope Window Mount

This spotting Scope Window Mount is an excellent way to add a bit of history and flavor to your spotting scope, this Mount allows you to see finer details that are otherwise difficult to see. The Window Mount also has an 126500 pullback Scope motor which makes it a more powerful option, and the 126500 pullback motor is adjustable for rpm and power, the Window Mount is also adjustable for windage, and it can be used with either an 12 mm or 18 mm weaver lens.

Cheap Redfield Spotting Scope Window Mount

This spotter Scope Window Mount is a great way to keep your Scope in good condition - no matter the situation, it's sturdy, holding onto the Scope well, and makes for easy storage. The Window is large enough to show your Scope in public without exceeding the viewing area, the red field technology makes it easy to see in low light, and the finder is an easy few inches away from the screen. This spotter Window Mount is a great choice for the serious paleo and birdman shooting, this is a great way to keep your Scope in view while you work in a new place, or take a picture! The red field makes it look like the picture it represents. The Window Mount provides a good amount of air space to work with, making it perfect for taking pictures, the spotting scopes are great choice for those looking for a high-quality Scope that can help them see in all directions. However, some people may be disappointed with the simplicity of the spotting scopes because they feel they are difficult to use, however, with a good pair of Scope mounts, it can be easy to use and provide all the features of the spotting scopes. The spotting Scope Window Mount is a great option for those with spotting scopes, it allows you to use those scopes in any room in your house, without the need to buy a new one. The Window Mount is also easy to maintain, and can be fixed with only a few screws.