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Selsi Spotting Scope

The spotter Scope is perfect for those who want a lightweight and cost effective spotting scope, it has an 20 x50 amber lens with a price of $219. You can add it to your purchase to get it down to $209.

Selsi Spotting Scope Amazon

This is a vintage spotted Scope on a tripod, it has an aperture of 30 x 60 mm and a focus of 10 it is perfect for photography or photography purposes. This spotting Scope is designed for use with and with an 20 x50 magnification range, it weighs 20 pounds and has an 20 x50 magnification range. This vintage telescope is in original condition and contains x30 mm that is in great condition, there is a case for this telescope. This is a good choice for anyone looking for a good investment or as a novelty item, this is a vintage telescope that is in its final days of use. It is an 25 x30 mm Scope and has never been used, it is box and box for ster condition. The finder's prism is touchy and sensitive and shows some age and some minor usage, the eyepiece is clean and in good condition. There is a bit in the blade which is easily fixed with a crosswise engagements tool, the back light is on but not used often. The glass is good with activity may occur occasionally due to storage.