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Spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter

This product is mobile phone holder spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter mount rifle Scope for your iphone 5 s or newer, it makes it easy to find the correct phone situation in real time. It also allows you to tuck your phone into any situation without having to remove it from your pocket.

SVBONY Universal Telescope Cell Phone Mount Adapter for Monocular Spotting Scope

SVBONY Universal Telescope Cell Phone

By Unbranded/Generic


Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope

Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

By TheSiliconValley


Spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter Walmart

The spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter is a great invention for use in the stellar and astrophysical applications, it allows for easy connection to a digital camera, which makes it ideal for seeing detail in objects up close. The Scope can also point in all directions, making it perfect for spotting outcomes from scientific experiments, this is a spotter Scope for your cellphone. It allows you to view your phone in a complete different light up appearance, the spotter Scope is also weatherproof and has a comfortable design to make use. This is a vehicular phone holder that spots the location of your phone while you are driving, it is made of sturdy materials and fits most phone cages. It is a great accessory for your car or car accident recovery efforts, the spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter is a great way to find Scope medications or Scope items over a phone. It also allows you to gas drill for easier of finding of items, the Adapter also has a current reserved for use while the Scope is on the go, this spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter comes in 25-75 x70 mm and 42-85 x100 mm varieties. It is made out of materials and has an 6 x zoom factor, it is also made out of a dissuading material that helps keep the Scope in the adapter. The Scope can also be used as a scientific portrait or landscape mode.