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Tasco 20-60x60 Spotting Scope

This is a vintage Tasco 18 e zoom target spotting Scope 20-60 x60 mm in box 1981 no tripod, it comes with an 20 x60 x60 mm Scope meter and manual. This Scope is an enticing alternative for wine and food photography.

Tasco Spotting Scope

The Tasco spotting Scope is a world-class product line from the Tasco grocery store brand, it offers an impressive 20-60 x60 degree angled spotting scope. This Scope is top-grade for the photography and hunting community, the Scope comes with a tripod case and an additional case for if you want to handle the Scope in boating, fishing or other applications. Is a vintage Tasco 18 e zoom target spotting Scope in box 1981, it imparts an 20-60 x60 mm filter and is built to standards. It renders a quick-connect leg for a tripod, and a thankyou handle, this Scope is in good condition with no damage. It is offered for sale 'as is' without any additional conditionals, it features an 20-60 x60 aperture with a coverslip that makes it straightforward to take photos. The is likewise new with tripod case, this Scope is enticing for use in photo studios or rural areas. The Tasco 2030 e zoom target spotting Scope is a vintage model that was designed for use in the police or military community, it gives an 20-60 mm lens and a tripod mount. The Scope grants a box and tripod with key words included such as vintage, tasco, target, spot, lens, 20-60 mm, 20-60 scope, 30-60 80-100 x100, 100 120 x150, 150 180 x230, 230 240 290 x300, 300 x400, 400 x500, 509 x500, 524 x600, 605 and 704.